Banner systems, flagpole fittings and anti-theft protection

​Flagpole fittings​ & additions

At P. Elgaard Eftf. ApS in Hjørring near Aalborg, Aarhus and Hjørring, we sell flagpole fittings for businesses throughout Denmark. In addition to flagpole fittings, we also sell other accessories for flagpoles made of both aluminum and fibreglass.

​Specialty in flagpole fittings in strong materials

​We specialize in a wide range of equipment, accessories and fittings for flagpoles, and we place great emphasis on high quality, strong materials and good products. That’s why we always test our products before we send them to customers. That’s why we always test our products before we send them to customers.

Thus, you can be sure that our flagpole fittings and other accessories will meet your expectations.

  • Counterweights
  • Banner systems
  • Flagpole bracket
  • Theft protection for flags and banners
  • Bracket for flagpole with internal line guide

All our products have been tested over most of the world, and we use our experience for ongoing product development. In other words, all our flagpole products are based on Danish quality, and we are among the leading manufacturers in Europe.

We are also happy to develop special fittings in collaboration with our customers. This naturally takes place in a good dialogue with the customer, and we always have fast delivery.​

Ask for a quote for accessories and fittings for flagpoles

​You are very welcome to hear more about our flagpole fittings, just as we are happy to give advice and guidance, and we are happy to send you a non-binding offer with a good price.

You can call us on 98 90 90 61 to make a further arrangement. You can also write to us at claus@pelgaard.dk